Business Licenses

New Business License Application or Renewal On Line

New Business Outside of Town Limits

If you would like to do business in the town of Gurley and you are located outside the town limits of Gurley, AL; ​click on link above. 

Online Business License Renewal:

To renew your business license; click on the link above (have your username and password handy) or call Avenu Insights directly at 1-800-556-7274.

New Business in Town Limits of Gurley

If you are a new business and are located in the town limits of Gurley, follow these steps.

  1. At Town Hall, 235 Walker Street, request and fill out a business license application and return it to the Town Clerk.  The license is reviewed by the Town Administrator. All businesses must comply with local ordinances, be located in the proper zoning district, have a current Madison County Fire Inspection with any deficiencies corrected; and if you have one or more employees, the business must have a working and clean bathroom.
  2. The Town Administrator will recommend the business license for approval at a regular Town Hall meeting once he is satisfied the business meets the above requirements.  The Town Council will vote on that recommendation.  The Town of Gurley has 30 days to review and approve any business license application. 
  3. Once the business license is approved it can be entered into Avenu Insights online. (Click on the button at the top of the page)